Autumn is Beautiful in Amsterdam

One thought on “Autumn is Beautiful in Amsterdam”

  1. “Learn how to be alone and away from everything you have ever loved”
    Aww. 😦 But like you said (brilliantly): emojis will brighten your path!

    I like the first two songs on your playlist the best, Stronger and Survivor, as well as Armin’s Beautiful Life. 🙂 I hope in this past year you’ve gotten used to this fantastic city, even though I read that you still get a bit homesick sometimes. I agree with your other article that there are some Turkish delights to be sorely missed (admittedly, I’ve only had them from afar, but they were made for me by a kind Turkish family here in the Netherlands!).

    And hey, I barely knew how to ride a bike either when I first moved here! xD


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