Running on the Beach

8 thoughts on “Running on the Beach”

  1. I ran on the beach in Pizmo Beach,CA right at the edge of where the water comes in and the dry sand starts. It was the most awful experience of my life probably because I used every single muscle that I have in my body to keep me going forward. It was like running in quicksand even though it was pretty hard packed sand. I think this was bad for me because I had foot surgery a few years ago after dislocating four bones in my left foot. I only like hard packed flat surfaces now.
    You had a VERY beautiful place to run through. Super jealous over here looking at those pictures!


    1. I am really sorry to hear all that you had to go through. Hope everything is fine with your foot after the surgery (and the beach experience).
      I wish I was able to enjoy running here everyday, it is truly an amazing place.


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